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Tuesday May 16 from 08:30 - 18:00

Presentations from members of Euro Chlor (engineering companies, equipment manufacturers and services suppliers) giving them the opportunity to showcase their expertise and the benefits they can offer to the participants.

08:30 Welcome by D. Schnepel (Dow) Management Committee Chairman

08:40 Block 1
Chair : T. Manders
- A step Towards Chlorine 4.0 - Gilles Tremblay, R2
- New Flemion Membrane for Zero Gap Configuration - Takayuki Kaneko, Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.
- Asahi Kasei’s Membrane Updates - Atsushi Nakajima, Asahi Kasei Corporation
- tk UCE leading chlorine production technologies - Fulvio Federico ; thyssenkrupp Uhde Chlorine Engineers GmbH

10:20 Coffee break in exhibition hall

11:00 Block 2
Chair : T. Manders
- The-state-of-art Technology and Comprehensive Service from Bluestar - Nancy Zhao, Bluestar
- New chlorine burner for membrane cells that optimizes the opex for the clients production site - Jérémie BENOIT, Mersen
- EZ-HCl® on-line analyzer systems for the safety and control of HCl synthesis - Chris Du Bois, Applitek
- Passivation and other wear mechanisms for anodes used in chlor-alkali industry - Erik Zimmerman, Permascand AB

12:40 Lunch & visit exhibition hall

14:00 Block 3
Chair : T. Manders
- Nuberg’s Success in Emerging Markets for Chlorine Derivatives - Arun Tyagi, Nuberg Engineering Ltd.
- New sensor methods during the non destructive testing in fiberglass reinforced plastic - Karen Borchers, Dow Chemical Stade & Schekeb Tahery , Kurotec
- Underground disposal of mercury waste for long term safety - Jerry Steinbach, K+S
- Increasing your competitiveness by using flexible power - Dirk Rosenstock, REstore Germany
- New generation of plastic piping material for the chloralkali process - Ralf Troschitz, Steuler

16:05 Coffee break in exhibition hall

16:30 Block 4
Chair : T. Manders
- tk UCE service activities– chlor alkali competence meets client demands - Frank Uesbeck, thyssenkrupp Uhde Chlorine Engineers GmbH
- BATREC’S mercury stabilisation technology - Gabriel Chifflier, Batrec
- New Technologies for Hypochlorite Production - Brent Hardman, Powell
- Combined Test Transformer and Rectifier - Maurizio Ponzetto, Neeltran

Wednesday May 17 from 08:30 - 20:00

08:30 The future of the Industry
Chair : KR. Jerg
- Technical activities in Euro Chlor - KR. Jerg (Covestro) GTC Chairman
- Energy issues in Germany - Future trends - Bareiß MdB (German Bundestag)
- Using Benchmarking for Chloralkali Industry Improvements - M. Eggleston (PTAI)
- The Euro Chlor Sustainability program - T. Manders (Euro Chlor)

10:30 Coffee break in exhibition hall

11:10 The Mercury Challenge
Chair : T. Manders
- State of play on the new Mercury Regulation and application of the Minamata Convention - C. Allen (EU Commission)
- Euro Chlor members gathering and sharing practical experiences in dismantling mercury electrolysis units - J.-P. Debelle (consultant)
- The mercury remediation challenge : matching regulatory closure goals and proven remediation techniques in the clean-up of chlor-alkali sites - D. Cazaux (Inovyn)

12:40 Lunch & Visit of the exhibition

14:00 Process Safety
Chair : C. Paarman
- Chlorine release after change of pressure transducer technology - A. Fobelets (Inovyn)
- North American Update - F. Reiner (the Chlorine Institute)
- Improving safety in the plant by means of automation - How to keep operators alert in highly automated plants - C. Paarman (Dow)
- The Euro Chlor safety initiative - T. Manders (Euro Chlor)

16:00 Coffee break in exhibition hall

16:40 How to protect our people
Chair : M. Pauwels
- Introduction - M. Pauwels (Euro Chlor)
- Recent health protection developments (protection against EMF, synthesis of mercury workshop …) - A. Hugé (Solvay)
- How to deal with the EMF Directive - J.-C. Besson (Arkema)
- The health effects of working in shifts - M. Boeckx (Vynova)

18:10 - 20:00 Cocktail in exhibition hall

Thursday May 18 from 08:30 - 12:30

8:30 New developments
Chair : T. Manders
- Transport of Chlorine by Rail in Switzerland – Developments in the last few years - E. Sigrist (scienceindustries)
- Emissions of chlorate from Chlor-alkali units - R. Mariner (Euro Chlor)
- The Jack Rabbit II Chlorine Release Experiments - S Fox (US DHS)
- Dispersion model predictions of the Jack Rabbit II chlorine release experiments - S. Gant (HSE’s Health & Safety Laboratory)

10:30 Coffee break in exhibition hall

11:10 How reliable are our construction materials
Chair : T. Manders
- Plastic materials in chlorine plants – Lessons learnt from failure analyses and success stories - K. Jacobson (SWEREA)
- Carbon-steel wall thickness of chlorine equipment in view of corrosion and erosion protectionprotection - R. Mattick (BASF)
- Safety in Bulk Delivery of Sodium Hypochlorite - N. Sutherland (Industrial Chemicals Ltd)
- Conclusion of the Conference - D. van Wijk (Euro Chlor)

13:00 Closing lunch & Visit of the exhibition

14:00 Dismantling of the exhibition

Organised by Euro Chlor, an Industrial Group of

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